Spa operator Jocelyn W. Cowie (RMT) has been teaching massage techniques for 20 yrs. She wrote her original thesis on massage physiology in 1993 and is the inventor of ASSESSx. Jocelyn began the development of Ponderosa Pines Mtn. Spa and Educational Retreat in 1991 to give her clients a totally relaxing spa retreat while receiving medical massages & acupressure therapy.

Ongoing workshops based on scientific rational are available on the last weekend of each month. Students learn Jocelyn’s thesis rational behind massage, acupressure and other specialized techniques. (see workshops in this site). Massage and acupressure are ancient healing arts that have evolved into a modern science. These specialized techniques are used to treat a myriad of conditions. Inquire about your health care needs and how massage and acupressure can help you.