Accredited Continuing Education workshops available

A Course on Soft Tissue Assessment & Treatment
CE-PD 16.5-hour and/or 7-hour

Two full days including food, accommodation and workshop price
$445 Canadian More Text

You will be taught soft tissue pain anatomy and physiology.Learn how inflammation stimulates nociceptive pain.Understand the role of the sympathetic nervous system in maintaining pain.Develop your palpation skills to better locate, assess and treat soft tissue lesions.

Learn specific pressure and trigger points for treating pain.

Find out exactly how stress affects the pain tension cycle.

Learn how emotional factors create muscle holding patterns that stagnate the lymphatic pump.Learn how massage can restore proper functioning of the internal organs.Learn about the Closed Gate Theory and how to use this to decrease pain during treatment.You will be taught articulate methods to treat CTS, TMJ, TOS, fibromyalgia, trigger points, pressure points,b and arthritis.

Gain knowledge about the biomechanics of the joint and how to relive arthritic conditions


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