About the Doctor

Jocelyn W Cowie

A Registered Medical Massage Therapist “RMT” nickname is “Owie~Cowie”

Spa operator Jocelyn W. Cowie (RMT) has been teaching massage techniques for 20 yrs. She wrote her original thesis on massage physiology in 1993 and is the inventor of ASSESSx. Jocelyn began the development of Ponderosa Pines Mtn. Spa and Educational Retreat in 1991 to give her clients a totally relaxing spa retreat while receiving medical massages & acupressure therapy.

Ongoing workshops based on scientific rational are available on the last weekend of each month. Students learn Jocelyn’s thesis rational behind massage, acupressure and other specialized techniques. (see workshops in this site). Massage and acupressure are ancient healing arts that have evolved into a modern science. These specialized techniques are used to treat a myriad of conditions. Inquire about your health care needs and how massage and acupressure can help you.


Our Story

Owner manager-Jocelyn W Cowie RMT Jocelyn W Cowie Director CEO~Founder of ASSESSx Technology Ltd and SenSore LLC.
Jocelyn has been a Registered Massage Therapist “RMT” in British Columbia since 1985. Through her practice and research work, she discovered the answer for most pain and many diseases, and helped many of her patients back to health and wellbeing, and has written numerous scientific papers on both pain diagnosis and treatments. Can you use Quick links . She has, to date, had 5 abstracts published in Medical journals. Ponderosa Pines Mountain Mtn Spa educational retreat B&B Spa since 1991. 

Published Abstracts-Systemic Reviews:

My first thesis was submitted to the Canadian Pain Society in 1998 where I was the first Massage Therapist to lecture the Canadian Pain Society “CPS”. Since then, I have had 3 thesis Abstracts accepted and published in their Journal on Pain

  1. April 3-6th 2019 American Pain Society APS- 2019 Congress poster 401 Visualizing Pain in Children.
  2. J. W. Cowie, “A Multi-Modal Biosensor to Measure Soft Tissue Pain and Myofascial Trigger Points (MFTP) for Evidence-Based Practice”. The 3rd International Fascia Research Congress, March 28 -30, 2012, Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  3.  Presented a workshop on Soft Tissue Pain Physiology, Assessment and Treatment entitled: “Pain Relief at the Touch of a Hand” at the Canadian Pain Society Annual Congress
  4. “Palpation Techniques for Pain Assessment and Treatment-Using a Multi-path Sensor for Computer Generated Data in Measuring Pain”. Canadian Pain Society Pain 2000 Congress: Mind, Medicine and Mechanisms Volume 5(A), 2000
  5.  “Using a Combined Sensor for PC Generated Data in Measuring Pain”. International Association for the Study of Pain 9th World Congress on Pain, August 22 – 27, 1999, Vienna, Austria.


Our Mission

Medical Acupressure Massage Clinic
We specialize in acupressure massage, a natural techniques to help sooth your body and mind that do so without any harmful side effects. From massages for pain releif to reflex points for organ health, and everything in between, we have you covered.

Our Vision

Millions of people across the world are reaping the benefits and you can too at MtnSpa. Complimentary relief from a range of conditions The only way to know is to come to our clinic and learn more about this ancient form of medicine.
Our Facility is a fully-functional medical clinic located mid province Grand Forks BC on Hyw #3 area, and we specialize in a wide range of treatments to naturally heal your body. Modern medical treatments are full of chemicals and other unnatural things that can harm your body and there many potential side effects like addiction or dependency.

Our Ranches

Acupressure, when performed by a skilled clinician has many benefits. Pressure is applied safely to the paitent pain pressure thereshoolds on the many pressure points to alemiorate medical cancerns, it encourages blood flow oxegen levels and wasted remval locately and reflexively restoreing homeostasis and stabilize our natural functions. Aside from Stress relief acuprssure provide known health benefits; ir encourages deep Relaxation, amazing results for Pain relief, Better sleep, improved cognitive function, Higher fertility for difficulties with conception


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